The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign


The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

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What is The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign?

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Who we are:

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is an anti-imperialist campaign that supports the release of all U.S. political prisoners and completely opposes the United States' colonial control of Puerto Rico.


Initially, ProLibertad was composed of individuals who worked together on a broad and unitary basis, accepting differences of ideological and political position, but sharing the responsibility to support the Puerto Rican political prisoners, prisoners of war, and prisoners of conscience who have been imprisoned for their political convictions and activities in the cause of Puerto Rico's ongoing struggle for independence and right to self-determination.


As of now, there are no Puerto Rican Political Prisoner, Prisoners of War, or Prisoners of Conscience for our campaign to rally around, but Puerto Rico continues to languish under U.S. colonial control. Therefore, our campaign is focused on educational programs, ongoing lobbying efforts, public pressure work, and related initiatives to end U.S. colonialism in Puerto Rico.

What we do:

  • The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign organizes community forums on various topics related to Puerto Rican independence issues.
  • We screen films on Puerto Rican resistance history and provide filmmakers with an opportunity to talk about their work.
  • We provide activists from Puerto Rico and throughout our diaspora an opportunity, in person or via Zoom, to update our supporters on the work they do for social justice and liberation.
  • We organize demonstrations, rallies, pickets, or protests to address repression, the violation of worker’s rights, or the arrests of activists.

Our Coalition work:

  • ProLibertad works with the National Jericho Movement to support the release of all U.S. held Political Prisoners.
  • We work with the NY/NJ CubaSí Coalition to end the unjust Blockade against Cuba.
  • We are a founding member of The Puerto Rico is Not for Campaign, which works to dismantle PROMESA and La Junta Fiscal in Puerto Rico.
  • We are a founding member of El Ministerio de Solidaridad con los Pueblos of Holyrood Church, which does work to support Latin American liberation movements.

Join ProLibertad:

· Organize a community workshop on U.S. colonialism in Puerto Rico.

· Organize a Freedom March for Puerto Rican Independence in your neighborhood.

· Get your union or school to pass a resolution calling for an end to U.S. colonialism in Puerto Rico.

· Host a movie night with a film on Puerto Rican resistance to U.S. colonialism and independence.

Contact us at:


Banners, Flyers, Promotional Material, Educational events, Airline tickets for visiting activists, Placards, Brochures, Books, Newsletters, and Buttons!


These materials are not free! The only way ProLibertad can afford to provide these materials and host these events are through your kind donations. So give generously to the ProLibertad account at IFCO/Pastors for Peace.


Scan the QR Code below and donate ($20, $50, or $100) to ProLibertad through our fiscal sponsor IFCO.  When you reach the portion of the form that says, “Tell us here if you wish your gift to support an IFCO fiscal sponsored group, or for a particular project not listed above.” please write: The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign.