The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign


The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

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What is The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign?

Who is Oscar Lopez Rivera? click the image to find out...

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign logo designed by young Puerto Rican artist Pedro Rios.  

It symbolizes the power the masses have to free political prisoners!

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is an organization composed of individuals and organizations who work together on a broad and unitary basis, accepting differences of ideological and political position, but sharing the responsibility to support the Puerto Rican political prisoners and prisoners of war who have been imprisoned for their political convictions and activities in the cause of Puerto Rico's ongoing struggle for independence and right to self-determination.

For twenty years,The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign has been working for the release of the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners (PR/POWs). With the release of eleven of the prisoners in September of 1999, we redirected our efforts to securing the freedom of the remaining prisoners. With the release of Norberto Gonzalez Claudio, this leaves Oscar Lopez Rivera as the sole prisoner for Puerto Rico's independence.

Through a comprehensive regimen of public educational programs and events, ongoing lobbying efforts, public pressure work and related initiatives like this web site and El Coqui Libre, ProLibertad's newsletter, it is out goal to secure the freedom of these brave patriots whose only "crime" has been the unconditional love of their homeland, Puerto Rico. The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is an anti-imperialist and anti-colonial campaign that also supports the release of all U.S. political prisoners, and completely opposes the United States' colonial control of Puerto Rico and its military presence in the Island municipality of Vieques, and all Puerto Rico.

If you are interested in working with The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign then check out our, Why should YOU join the campaign for the freedom of the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners?

ProLibertad needs your financial support; we can only do the work that we do with your help. Please send your tax deductible donation (check or money order endorsed to IFCO/ProLibertad) and then mail it to:


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Why should YOU join the campaign

for the freedom of the Puerto Rican
Political Prisoners?

As responsible people, concerned with the situation in our community, in our country and in other countries in the world, we have lifted our voices to protest many problems and injustices. We have protested the U.S. military interventions throughout the world; we have demanded a stop to the clear cutting of our forests; we have demanded adequate health services for those who have AIDS; we have fought against pollution in our communities; we have fought for a sound education for our children; and we have protested against racism. Also we have written letters or sent telegrams to foreign governments in support of people jailed unjustly, and protested human rights violations.

The president of the United States has the constitutional power to unconditionally pardon the Puerto Rican political prisoners. The power that the Constitution gives him to pardon people who have acted or conspired against the U.S. government has been used in the past to pardon, among others, confederate soldiers who were charged with treason during the Civil War, socialists charged with organizing armed resistance to the draft during the First World War, and the five Puerto Rican nationalists who were charged with shooting at the Blair House in Washington, DC. in 1950 and at the U.S. Congress in 1954.

The time has come for us to publicly denounce the human rights violations committed against those Puerto Ricans who have struggled for the independence of their country and to demand their unconditional amnesty. This campaign is based in principles of justice that are important to all of us:

The sentences imposed on the Puerto Rican political prisoners are excessive and disproportionate;

The Puerto Rican political prisoners have been the objects of abusive prison conditions which have violated their human rights;

The Puerto Rican political prisoners have served more time than is demanded of most prisoners, including those who have been charged with murder.

Now is the time to unite our efforts to demand their unconditional freedom! Many voices have cried out for the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoners and prisoners of war already. A few examples of these voices include:

New York's former Mayor David Dinkins.

Religious groups and individuals who have called for freedom such as the 19th Synod of the United Church of Christ; General Conference of the United Methodist Church; the Most Rev. Thomas J. Gumbleton, Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Detroit; Right Reverend Paul Moore, Episcopal Diocese of New York; Esdras Rodriguez-Diaz, Associate General Secretary of the General Commission on Religion and Race of the United Methodist Church; Cynthia Nozomi Ikuta, United Church Board of Homeland Ministries; the Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC of Berkeley, CA; and the Northern California Ecumenical Conference of San Francisco, CA.
Legal and human rights organizations who have called for freedom such as Puerto Rico's Bar Association; the president of the National Lawyers Guild; the coordinators of the National Conference of Black Lawyers; and Roger Wareham, Vice-International General Secretary, International Association against Torture

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