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The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign

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Despierta Boricua Podcast

Despierta Boricua Podcast archive:

For 10 years, Despierta Boricua was a ten-minute Radio segment produced for WBAI 99.5 FM by The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, but now it will debut as a biweekly podcast on Anchor App Radio Station starting in December 2017.

Produced by Benjamin Ramos of ProLibertad, Despierta Boricua is dedicated to providing our listening audience with the latest news and updates on Puerto Rican politics and culture from U.S. based Puerto Rican communities and the island of Puerto Rico.

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign seeks community members to contribute to our radio segment; if there is a story idea or segment proposal you would like to see Despierta Boricua explore, please email ProLibertad.